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General information on HIV/AIDS in Japan

AIDS in Japan

This web site is designed in English to provide the basic and latest information about HIV/AIDS issues in Japan.

Today, the media coverage reports that HIV/AIDS is becoming a serious problem in many parts of the world.

In Japan, accumulated number of reported HIV and AIDS has surpassed 10,000 in 2005. The number of newly reported HIV and AIDS cases become more than 1000 in the year of 2004.

Same as the other parts of the world, Japan has more than 20 years history of HIV/AIDS, with its unique social and historical contexts and difficulties.

By informing people of the history, the ongoing situation and the latest information about HIV/AIDS issues in Japan, this site enables you to share information about the issues related to HIV/AIDS in Japan and other countries around the world.

Basic information about HIV/AIDS in Japan
The history, the ongoing situation, and governmental policies and civil movements on HIV/AIDS in Japan.
Community Activities in Japan
Basic Information on civil society and community activities on HIV/AIDS in Japan
Latest information
relating to existing issues, trends of policies, civil movements and others.
Information on HIV Prevention and Facilities for Foreign People living in Japan
Information on accessible facilities (testing and telephone counseling) for English speakers mainly from African countries.¡¡

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